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Marina di Pisticci seaside

35 hectares of private grounds and pinewoods separate Ti Blu Village from a large beach with lovely fine sand. All the rooms and public spaces have been designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience for families with children of all ages.

Metaponto and its wonderful archaeological park, with the temples of Apollo and Athena and the “Tavole Palatine”; Matera with its famous “Sassi”;, il Mount Coffolo; the San Giuliano Wildlife Oasis and Pollino National Park.


The Village organises weekly excursions* to some of the most spectacular places, both inland and on the coast.

  • Alberobello. An amazing little town in Puglia, famous for its “trulli” and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Matera and the “Sassi”. Tour of the village known for its “Sassi”: ancient rock dwellings which create a unique atmosphere.
  • Pisticci. A village with Greek origins, noted for the “casedde” (rows of stone houses) in its historic centre, and for the layout of the “Terra Vecchia” district.
  • Metaponto. An archaeological park with the remains of three temples dedicated to Athena, Lycian Apollo and Hera, the theatre, and the famous “Tavole Palatine” (Palatine Tables).

*payable services